Since its foundation in 2003, our office has provided legal representation in company law and civil law matters to several business organisations. Our clients include a number of multinational companies, commercial banks, a foreign insurance company, the Hungarian leading distributor of one of the largest vehicle manufacturers in Europe, an asset management company, a number of real estate investment and marketing companies, a tour operator, as well as several software companies.

Additionally, we have taken part in the preparation of financing and real estate investment projects and also in resolving legal problems arising during project implementation (liability, litigation related to liability). We provide legal representation in civil and criminal proceedings and, additionally, we carry out audits and prepare expert opinions for international investment companies. Our office has extensive experience in the area of debt collection.

In recent years, we have continuously broadened our expertise and have participated in several conferences and lectures on European Union law. We perform an ongoing monitoring of the changes in legislation and in the judicial practice through our specialized ‘monitoring system’ based on the scope of activities carried out by our clients, and perform problem-solving legal work.

We always strive to gain knowledge and experience which are indispensable for an economy-minded and dynamic law firm. In addition to our legal activities, we devote a considerable amount of time to the acquisition of economic thinking and to the study of economic psychology and the European Union legislation. In recent years, as a result of our participation in conferences and creative trainings, we have learned a number of negotiating techniques and, in addition, we have also gained knowledge of the protocol indispensable in conducting negotiations with international partners.

At our law firm, depending on the number of commissions and complexity of the legal issues, we employ two legal trainees under contract, and we maintain an ongoing agency relationship with three law firms and a procurement consulting firm.

The feedback related to our law firm’s work and the achieved results highlight the precision, dynamism, customer-centred approach and the business-minded crisis management of the law firm.

A clear sign of the European level of quality of our work is that today we provide representation of not only those business organisations which operate in Hungary, but also of those in several Member States of the European Union.